In 1996, Prof. Dr. Christof Obermann founded the sole proprietorship after having built up the AC & Development division as a partner and member of the management board at another consulting firm. In the meantime, Prof. Dr. Obermann works in teaching and research as a professor and the company has been staffed by a broad team for almost 20 years.


Obermann Consulting GmbH is a team consisting mainly of business psychologists. Historically, our background of experience lies in management auditing, assessment and development centers. After the founding years, the focus had shifted to expertise in the development of specialists and executives and support in innovative HR processes. Through our long-standing presence in the market, we have built up a broad background of experience in various organizations (corporations, public organizations, medium-sized businesses).


Two professors and several colleagues with doctorates in the team signal our claim to foundation and depth. Structure and repeatability are important to us. This is reflected in our publications, the DIN-licensing of most consultants as well as in the fact that we drive many topics in the industry.

Our tasks are the assessment and development of leadership behavior. In this we also want to be a role model ourselves. This means that we set ourselves demanding goals and deal with our audit and coaching participants at eye level.


In our view, perceived quality does not result from „ingenious“ consultants, but from process competence. We listen carefully during the assignment clarification phase.

We further ensure process competence through structured procedures, standardization and internal qualifications and certifications.

This enables us to complete customer projects, even with very high numbers of participants for assessment and qualification projects with a high level of satisfaction.

Qualification projects with a high level of satisfaction.